Counseling and coaching programs that assist clients in identifying their internal and external resources while helping them overcome obstacles to change and/or growth.


Nutrition plans based on the nutritional needs, food preferences and TBP recommended consumption patterns of each client with balance, moderation, and variety in mind.


Fitness programs based on the seven components of optimal fitness—cardiorespiratory efficiency, core and joint stabilization, balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.



Mental, Nutritional, and Physical Health Workshops will educate participants about components of The Body Principle Integrative Health System

—the achievement of a healthy mind, body and spirit through the prioritization of one’s mental, nutritional, and physical health through a systematic plan of mental conditioning, nutritional planning, and exercise programming.



Mental, Nutritional and Physical Health Assessments assess emotional well-being, nutritional status and overall physical health.

During the assessment phase clients complete an integrative health questionnaire and receive an integrative—mental, nutritional and physical health assessment to determine their current mental state, nutritional status and current level of physical fitness.

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Monthly Challenges

All clients will participate in monthly re-occurring challenges.  Every month, clients receive mental conditioning through counseling and coaching, nutrition planning through a customized or general nutrition plan and physical fitness programming through personal or group training.  The monthly challenge with monitoring at the beginning and end of each month provides a system of accountability for both the client and the trainer/coach, to assess adherence and effectiveness of system.


Individual Integrative


• Customized Personal Training

• Nutrition Plan

• Mental Conditioning

Group Integrative


• Integrative Group Training

• Nutrition Plan

• Group Mental Conditioning



• Group Training

• Optional Nutrition Plan

• Optional Counseling



On-site or On-line


Wherever You Are

Did you know that all our services are available online?  In person mental health counseling and nutrition coaching are also available at our Troy location.


Interested in a service?  Just 5 simple steps.


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I can’t say enough positive things about my experience at The Body Principle. Angela has empowered me to make changes in my mindset that transfer directly to my abilities physically in such a quick period of time. This experience is about lifestyle transformation in a supportive and safe environment. This is where real life long change begins… it’s not just a physical approach it’s a connection of mind, body and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment that truly ignited the spark of a whole new me! Can’t thank her enough! --Laura C.
Founder, Angela T. Moore’s Story

Inspired by mother’s early death, my brother’s suicide, and the discovery of the healing benefits of healthy living, I learned to be proactive about my mental, nutritional, and physical health.  Now through an integration of mental conditioning, nutrition planning, and physical health, I empower others to live an empowered life.


We’ve Moved!

All of our service offerings will now be out of our new office in Troy.


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