Intensify your resistance training
By on Wed, Aug 20, 2014 11:42am

“I often have people ask me for tips to change up their resistance training to keep themselves challenged. While there are many methods to the madness, there are a couple simple tricks to vary and intensify your resistance training routine.

“One way is to train prime mover (major muscle) and synergists (minor/assisting muscle). For instance, instead of doing the very common superset format (i.e. instead of a chest press followed by a chest fly) you would do a chest press and follow it with a tricep kickback. Another example would be to perform a bent over row followed by a hammer curl. This method allows you to work the smaller muscle group twice, as the assisting muscle in the first exercise and directly in the second.

“Another way to change up your program is to train opposing muscles which is commonly called the push-pull method. This takes advantage of reciprocal inhibition which is when the contraction of one muscle causes the relaxation of the opposing muscle. For example, by contracting the bicep when performing a bicep curl the opposing tricep must relax. This places the tricep in an optimal position for immediately performing a tricep exercise. This method is especially useful if you are short on time allowing you to perform your exercises in a continuous fashion.”