What first, cardio or weight training?
By on Thu, Oct 16, 2014 12:43pm

"Deciding whether to do cardio before or after weight training is largely dependent on your current goal. If your goal is to increase muscle size, power, and/or strength, it may be more beneficial to perform weight training prior to cardio so that you are not overly fatigued.

"Typically in order to increase muscle size, power, and/or strength there is more focus on heavier resistance. Lifting heavier weights requires that the body is not overly fatigued prior to the workout so that the individual can maintain control throughout the duration of the workout program. However if your goal is to increase muscular endurance without an emphasis on size or power, cardio can be completed prior to the workout.

"Typically in order to increase muscular endurance, more focus is on higher repetitions and lighter resistance. Even with some fatigue, exercises can be completed with proper form and technique."