Client Success Stories
Client Success Stories
By on Mon, Oct 23, 2017 6:40pm
Client Success Story - Isabella M.
Growing up, I had always had a serious love for food.  Savory or sweet, a lot or a little, I had always enjoyed eating, but that did not always mean I had been eating all the right things to benefit my total health.  As a kid, this seemed to be a more acceptable concept because the main focus of a child is to enjoy life while they can before reality sets in.  This thought process would have been fine, had I understood and practiced the concept of limits and understood the idea of excess. As an individual, I have always struggled with knowing when enough is enough and what  “control” truly meant.  This peccadillo of mine did not only play into the demise of everyday matters of life but also food. I loved food!  Even after my childhood phase, I would continue my bad eating habits through indulging in the delicious but unhealthy foods I had grown up loving, which eventually led to the demise of my confidence. I am not saying that every now and again indulgences are bad because they are not, but done in excess and without even a second thought could catch up to you.  That is exactly what happened to me.  As I grew older,  I began to struggle with my appearance but failed to make a change to improve my situation which would always bring me down. To make a change, you must be willing to do something different.  You cannot do the same thing and expect different results.  This concept was new to me and hard to understand, which set me back even further.  Continuing my bad eating habits and minimal exercise, I began to slip deeper and deeper into a pit of insecurity and mental helplessness.  It seemed as though all the girls around me were thin and confident where I began to get bigger and bigger. That feeling took a toll on me, and before long, enough was enough. 

Through my constant complaining to my mom about my physical insecurities, she had offered me a solution.  This solution was no further than boot camp classes every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday’s at ‘The Body Principle,' where I was very blessed to meet not only someone I consider the best physical trainer, athlete, and motivator, but also a friend, Angela Moore.  I began to go to boot camp three days a week, and I even began going to kickboxing classes as well. Between Angela's constant inspiration and the very challenging workout sessions offered at ‘The Body Principle,' I was hooked, and there was no going back. With the help of Angela and ‘The Body Principle,’ I had finally begun to climb my way out of the hole I had festered myself in for so long.  I felt hope and sense of confidence I had not felt before, one I never thought I would be able to feel. 

I owe my love for health and fitness to Angela Moore and her wonderful facility which not only offers a place where you can reach redemption but a place where you are comfortable doing so.  I know that I speak for everyone when I say the great things I do about ‘The Body Principle’ and how my life has changed since joining.  I feel honored and blessed to have found someone as wonderful, friendly and educated as Angela and cannot thank her enough for caring for her clients and their overall health as much as she does.  Without ‘The Body Principle,' I would not be where I am today physically, mentally and emotionally, and because of that, I will never go back to living a life of being inactive and complacent.  Finally, the idea of moderation and control were instilled in me by Angela to maintain a healthy and fit way of life.  I am forever grateful for that understanding.

Tomorrow is not the day to change.  In a few hours is not soon enough.  Change starts with you and how far you are willing to go to make a difference. The time is now, and the place is The Body Principle in Lake Orion.  I promise you will not be disappointed!

 Isabella Mansour

Client Success Story - Barb H.
Angela has helped to completely change my life. I started working with her at a point when I had a great deal of pain in my body due to injury.  I had considered physical therapy, but knew that would limit my experience to one body part, I  needed more, I needed a way to address strengthening my whole body.
With Angela as my guide I have been able to transform my physical condition to be healthier & more fit than ever.  She was able to custom design a program for me that has allowed me to walk out the door after each session feeling empowered. Regardless of how I feel at the beginning of my workout, I always leaving feeling  amazed at what I was able to do in my workout as well as feeling energized and excited to be living a healthy strong life.
Angela has become so much more than my physical trainer, she is a guide and counselor on all levels of well being. I look forward to my time with her and have come to schedule the rest of my day around my workouts.
I simply can't say enough about how Angela has touched my life, and my friends and family can second that, they all know how important my time with Angela truly is and how blessed I am to have found her.  I am incredibly grateful that Angela has said yes to sharing her gifts and talents with me.
Client Success Story - Judy K.

Angela Moore is DYNOMITE, no doubt the BEST workout available in town! My results with Angela over almost two years, have far exceeded my expectations from a personal trainer experience.  This is the "Bang" for the buck.
 I train with Angela two times per week and some weeks only one day, depending on what life throws me. The results you get with this time frame of workout are unheard of in the industry, two hours per week.

My workouts are varied, I am never, ever bored with the same old stuff. I am challenged in a safe environment. Angela is a stickler for form, which in turn gives you the most effective & injury free workout you could have. She is so in tune with what my mid-50’s body needs, butt kick, yes, all with the sweetest of personality & the impish grin of what's yet to come!!! I Love this brilliant, educated woman, Angela is one of the most amazing blessings to have come into my life, at a time when darkness prevailed. She has helped me physically & oh, sooooooooooo mentally. I thank you my friend!!
I am fitter, shapelier & in the absolute best condition of my life, I now have fantastic endurance as well.
Angela Moore is an essential in my Life, like the air I breathe & water I drink, she has quenched my thirst for the most fabulous workout EVER!!!
Angela Moore is the best investment you could ever make for your physical & mental health, Truth!
 She is truly a gift given to myself, thank you Angela Moore for doing what you do!
Love you Woman,
Judy K.