Propel Youth Empowerment Program

Designed to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy

Propel℠ is a youth empowerment program in which pre-teens and teens will participate in a group counseling session and subsequently participate in a group fitness training session designed to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy through personal exploration, progressive skill development and peer support.


Designed for pre-teens and teens that:


• Lack self-esteem and self-confidence


• Have had a negative experience with sports


• Lack motivation to be physically active


• Struggle to form or maintain healthy relationships with others—peers, siblings, parents, teachers, etc.


• Have failed to discover their natural talents and abilities


In this program, youth will:


• Learn strength training to build a strong foundation


• Learn how to identify and effectively deal with emotions in constructive ways


• Improve balance, coordination, and body awareness


• Learn conflict resolution strategies and teamwork


• Feel empowered to set and achieve personal goals


• Develop core and joint stability, improve agility, and increase cardiorespiratory efficiency


Services Provided:


• Meet 1x per week with other pre-teens and teens


• 45-minute group empowerment session


• 45-minute group training session


• Free attendance in PACT℠ Workshop and Healthy Family Seminar

*Group counseling session precedes group fitness session
*Child must complete a screening interview prior to participation
*Pre-teens and teens are grouped by age and identified needs
Propel℠ Youth Empowerment Program

$ 399

/ 8 sessions

* not included, a one time $ 50 screening interview fee *

All scheduling & payments are thru