Empowered Lifestyle Workshops

Mental, Nutritional and Physical Health Educational Workshops will teach clients about the essential components of The Body Principle Integrated Health System—mental, nutritional and physical health and empower them with the necessary tools to make lifestyle changes in those key areas.

Living An Empowered Lifestyle Introductory Workshop

This workshop will provide an overview of the essential components of an empowered lifestyle—the achievement of a healthy mind, body and spirit through the prioritization of one’s mental, nutritional, and physical health through a strategic and a systematic plan of mental conditioning, nutritional planning, and exercise programming—The Body Principle Integrated Health System.


Participants will learn the three essential components to a healthy lifestyle—mental health, nutritional health and physical health. They will also learn the negative short and long-term consequences of “unhealth” and learn the positive health benefits of making lifestyle changes that will improve their mental, nutritional and physical health in an interactive and educational workshop.


The workshop will end with a question and answer segment in which participants will be encouraged to ask questions about mental steadiness, healthy nutritional habits, and physical activity.


/ 1.5 hours

**Note: Services can be performed at TBP location, on-site (corporate), or online.


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In these WorkShops you’ll Learn:


• Integrated ways to prevent and treat common health issues


• How to defeat obstacles to growth


• How to overcome grief and loss


• Effective ways to reduce anxiety and daily stress


• How to forgive yourself and others

$ 50

/ 2 hours

• From the Inside Out-Overcoming Internal and External Obstacles

• Finding Joy in the Mourning- Overcoming Grief and Loss

• Be Anxious for Nothing

• The Art of Forgiveness

**Note: Services can be performed at TBP location, on-site (corporate), or online.


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In these WorkShops you’ll Learn:


• The importance of key nutrients and their function


• The concepts of balance, variety and moderation


• The negative and positive impact of food


• How to eat for long-term health


• Tips on how to create a healthy eating environment at home and at work

$ 50

/ 2 hours

• Nutrition 101

• The Art of Eating Well

• From Unbalanced to Balanced Eating

• Food is Thy Medicine

• Not a Diet, but an Eating Plan

**Note: Services can be performed at TBP location, on-site (corporate), or online.


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In these WorkShops you’ll Learn:


• How to improve the seven components of optimal physical health—cardiorespiratory efficiency, core and joint stabilization, balance, flexibility, muscular strength and muscular endurance.


• The importance of proper form and techniques


• How you can use free weights and your own body to make yourself strong and healthy

$ 50

/ 2 hours

• Tube Training for Home, Office and Hotel

• Cardio Wherever You Go

• Form and Techniques Learn proper form, breathing and lifting techniques

• Free Weights 101

• The Three C’s: Core, Cardio & Calisthenics

**Note: Services can be performed at TBP location, on-site (corporate), or online.


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Mental, Nutritional and Physical Health Assessments assess emotional well-being, nutritional status and overall physical health.

During the assessment phase clients complete an integrated health questionnaire and receive an integrated—mental, nutritional and physical health assessment to determine their current mental state, nutritional status and current level of physical fitness.

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Monthly Challenges

Clients start their challenge which reoccurs monthly.  Every month, clients receive mental conditioning through counseling and coaching, nutrition planning through nutrition guidance and support and physical fitness programming through personal or group training.

The challenge provides a system of accountability for both the client and the trainer/coach, to assess adherence and effectiveness of system.